QIYAS Digital Transformation

What is the digital transformation within the "Qiyas" system?

Digital transformation within the “Qiyas” system refers to the process of developing and enhancing operations and services using digital technology and smart solutions to achieve greater efficiency and provide better services to beneficiaries.

The most important benefits of digital transformation

Digital transformation brings streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, revolutionizing how businesses operate and connect with customers. It enables innovation, agility, and the ability to leverage data-driven insights for strategic decision-making, propelling organizations towards sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
QIYAS Digital Transformation
QIYAS Digital Transformation
QIYAS Digital Transformation

Frequently asked questions

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“Qiyas” has undertaken steps such as upgrading technological infrastructure, developing mobile applications, adopting cloud solutions, enhancing e-learning platforms, implementing artificial intelligence and data analytics, all aimed at improving services and facilitating access for beneficiaries.
The first sub-indicator: It is an indicator that focuses on standards derived from Cabinet decisions, royal orders, and circulars, where the number of standards has become 52 standards. The second sub-indicator: It is an indicator that focuses on the 73 digital transformation standards.
There has been no change in the number of binoculars in the digital transformation measurement XI, so it remains constant at seven binoculars as in the tenth measurement, which consists of:
  • 1-The strategy
  • 2-Organization and culture
  • 3-Processes
  • 4-Technology
  • 5-data 6-Service
  • 6-Service
  • 7-beneficiary

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