NDMO Data Governance


In light of Vision 2030, the Kingdom established the National Data Management Office (NDMO), which is affiliated with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA). It aims to implement the best global practices for data management and governance and enhance the value derived from it in making strategic decisions, anticipating the future, and achieving the highest levels of data management. Responsibility and transparency.


The most important goals of data management:

The key objectives of data management involve aligning it with organizational goals, assigning roles, controls, and policies, ensuring data accessibility, generating management documents, realizing value from data, and fostering a data-centric culture.

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The National Data Management Office defined data management as the process of developing, implementing, and supervising plans, policies, programs, and practices to enable entities to govern data and enhance its value as a valuable and valuable asset. The goal of the data management process is to help the organization and decision makers improve the use of data to make more accurate decisions.

The National Data Management Office, as the national regulator and reference for data management and governance, has developed a data governance framework at the national level that defines data management and governance controls and personal data protection in order to strengthen data regulation using effective international best practices for data handling across government agencies.

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