Open Source Security

Introduction to Open Source Security

In the realm of software development, the utilization of open source components has become ubiquitous. While open source software offers numerous advantages such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and community support, it also introduces certain risks, particularly in terms of security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can potentially compromise the security of an entire application, making it imperative for organizations to have robust measures in place to identify, assess, and mitigate these risks.
Fortify Your Code

Open Source Security Service

ARMS IT offers a comprehensive solution to identify open source components across your codebase, enabling effective vulnerability management and policy compliance.
Secure Evaluation

Proactive Vulnerability and Compliance

ARMS IT’s solution ensures comprehensive evaluation of open source components, addressing vulnerabilities and policy compliance for enhanced security.

Automated Vulnerability Mapping

ARMS IT's solution automatically maps identified open source components to known vulnerabilities.


Policy Compliance Checks

It conducts checks to ensure compliance with organizational policies and standards.

Proactive Risk Assessment

This proactive approach enables teams to promptly assess potential risks posed by open source components.

Remedial Action Facilitation

It facilitates the implementation of appropriate remedial actions to mitigate identified risks.


Policy Violation Flagging

The solution flags any policy violations, ensuring adherence to organizational guidelines and standards.


Real-time Monitoring and Remediation

In the dynamic landscape of software security, ARMS IT stands as a beacon of continuous vigilance. With real-time monitoring and seamless remediation, they ensure your software remains secure against emerging threats, empowering you to uphold stakeholder trust with confidence.

Continuous Vigilance

Real-time Alerting

Watchful Oversight

Effortless Remediation Tracking

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