Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

In ARMS IT, we deliver full-cycle mobile development services, including UI/UX design, concept, programming, prototyping, testing, and support. ARMS IT also builds custom consumer mobile applications and Mobility between companies’ solutions across all major platforms. ARMS IT dedicated development teams deliver top value for every outsourced mobile development solution. As well as strong expertise in iOS, Android, Unity, and Unreal Engine platforms.
Mobile Mastery

Versatile Mobile Solutions

At ARMS IT, our adept iOS and Android engineers specialize in developing native mobile applications that efficiently manage heavy server loads. With a track record of serving nearly 150,000 users across seven countries, our team delivers tailored solutions for educational, governmental, hospitality, and various other sectors. From intuitive interfaces to seamless functionality, we excel in providing versatile mobile solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Mobile applications that handle the high load

Mobile development teams at ARMS IT build mobile apps that handle large volumes of server requests.

Mobile apps for multiple industries

Our IOS and Android engineers have developed apps that serve nearly 150,000 end users across 7 countries. ARMS IT team deliver mobile applications for various fields, including educational, governmental, hospitality, and more.


Development of native mobile applications

Our teams help Companies and organizations build intuitive local mobile applications and developed local iOS and Android apps like what we do before in an app for helping drivers and passengers.

How we work?

Seamless App Lifecycle

At ARMS IT, our approach to app development encompasses a meticulous process spanning analysis, UX design, product development, and post-launch support. Through collaborative analysis, precise UX design, iterative development, and continuous support, we ensure each app fulfills its purpose effectively while adapting to evolving business needs.
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Our cross-functional department checks the app’s initial concept then decide how to solve users’ problems particularly related to business objectives at creating the application. ARMS IT mobile experts analyze the client’s business model and work with client’s teams to specify the key challenges clearly to get to the app’s right target audiences and outline project development Phases.
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UX & Visual Design
We Compare client expectations and use cases of the application to define how user experience of the future app will help achieve the project’s business objectives. ARMS IT team proceeds to concept development, UX, user interface mapping, wire framing, and testing.
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Product Development
ARMS IT teams add options and improve the application after using methodologies to create an early working application phase. Our mobile testers working systematically at the development process to help notice improvement areas emergency.
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Release & Support
Once the product version of the client is ready, we integrate it with the organization’s business processes. We launch them in mobile app stores. After the release, ARMS IT provides support and maintain mobile applications.
We Offer

Comprehensive Mobile Apps Development Suite

ARMS IT offers a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions, ranging from native iOS and Android apps to tailored enterprise mobility solutions. With expertise in cross-platform development and mobile game creation, coupled with intuitive UI/UX design, we cater to diverse client needs, ensuring innovation and excellence in every project.
Operation System

Local IOS and Android applications

Develops native mobile applications specifically for iOS and Android platforms, optimized for performance and user experience.

Custom mobile app development

ffers tailored solutions to meet specific business needs, providing unique functionalities and features.
Cross Arrows

Cross-platform mobile apps

Builds applications compatible with multiple operating systems, enabling broader reach and seamless user experience across devices.

Enterprise mobility applications

Designs and implements mobile solutions for businesses, facilitating productivity, communication, and management on the go.

Mobile games

Develops interactive and engaging games for mobile platforms, providing entertainment and immersive experiences for users.

UX/UI Design

Focuses on crafting intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, ensuring seamless user interaction and navigation within applications.
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