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Comprehensive Data Integration Services

At ARMS IT, we recognize the critical role data integration plays in modern businesses, including the pivotal connectivity from on-premise or cloud BI, ETL, & reporting. Whether it’s leveraging on-premise or cloud connectivity, our focus is on facilitating seamless data movement within your infrastructure. We understand that transforming disparate data into actionable insights is paramount for informed decision-making. With years of experience in Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities and a deep understanding of data management, our consultants are equipped to address your most pressing integration needs.


Our Approach to Data Integration

For seamless integration of disparate data sources tailored to your needs, trust ARMS IT’s Data Integration Services

Data Integration Expertise

Our consultants serve as the bridge between your business objectives and IT strategy. We work closely with clients to comprehend their unique business philosophies and IT requirements. Our approach ensures that data integration solutions are not just technically sound but also aligned with your organizational goals. Leveraging partnerships with major data integration vendors and proficiency in various software tools, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Comprehensive Service Offerings

From ETL to operational integration, master data management (MDM), and beyond, our services cover a wide spectrum of data integration requirements. Whether it's data migration, metadata management, performance optimization, or data cleansing, our consultants have the expertise to handle diverse challenges. With a suite of comprehensive services, we consistently deliver reliable, efficient, and easy-to-maintain data integration processes tailored to your organization's needs.

How to integrate your data?

It is possible to create scripts to scrub the data, and then load it into a data warehouse, or use traditional extraction, transformation, and loading tools to integrate data from different sources.
However, these methods are very time-intensive, expensive, and error-prone. Traditional methods require data scientists to spend an enormous amount of time cleansing data because the data at
the source and target may not use the same schemas, formats, or types.
And traditional data integration tools are usually batched, rather than real-time. These methods are also expensive because they require a robust infrastructure and skilled manpower.

Modern data integration tools use data pipelines and support a variety of integrations to replace outdated traditional methods of manually managing data sets, scrubbing them, and loading them into the individual data lake or data warehouse environments. Now, you can store, stream, and deliver the data you need, when you need it, from any cloud data warehouse — Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google Big Query, Azure, or a number of other options. You can define data types and destinations, enrich the data stream, and check for errors while the data is streaming. Then, you can get the real-time insights you need to make good business decisions.

Perhaps of equal importance is the security that a modern data integration solution can offer. Any time data is moved from one place to another, the security risk increases greatly. However, ARMS IT provides a well-designed modern enterprise data platforms makes security a first priority. For example, 100% SOC 2 Type II, ISO27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant, and our supported cloud service providers meet the strictest standards in the industry.

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